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[UniPin] Treasure Pot, Find Your Treasures !!
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Hi guys ?

UniPin will be staging an interesting and unique event for every UniPin Wallet users.
This time the event is called “Treasure Pot, Find Your Treasures !!”.  

In this event, millions of UC  are waiting for you.
“Treasure Pot, Find Your Treasures” is an event that requires you to collect “ UniPin” in order to get UniPin Credits and this “Jackpot” will keep increasing during the event period.

Event Period :  May,2nd  2015 – May,31th  2015.
Step by Step to join “Treasure Pot, Find Your Treasures !! Event :

STEP 1 :
Open, then login your Unipass


STEP 2 :


When you top up 100.000 UC  and above, you will get 1 “Chance” to participate in the “Treasure Pot, Find Your Treasures !! Event. (For every 100.000, you will get 1 chance)

STEP 3 :

"Chance" used to open 1 card using “Flip” button.(no.1)

When you use “Flip”, you will get one of the " U N I P I N" alphabets. For alphabets “I” and “N” they have 2 colours, black and orange. (no.2).

You must collect the alphabet to form the word "UniPin” in order to obtain the “Jackpot” (no.3). The Jackpot amount will keep increasing during the event period.

STEP 4 :

If you collect imperfect alphabet “UniPin” then you are only entitled to get 10% from the current Jackpot. 

But if you want to get 100% of the  “Jackpot”, you can then choose the option “Go For 100%”.


If you collect the alphabet “UniPin” with orange “ P I N”(perfect UniPin) , then you are entitled to the available Jackpot 100%.

After which the Jackpot will restart again with 100.000 UniPin Credits.

So what are you waiting for ? 

The more you top up, the more chances you have of getting the 100% Jackpot. Right now millions of UniPin Credits are waiting for you, so come on start topping up and get the Jackpot.










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