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The Hot Games 2015 From ProficientCity In GDC
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GDC is a prime event for gaming companies to show off what they can do. This year we at Proficient City had a lot we wanted people to see, so we brought our best stuff to pull in the crowds. Here’s the Hot Games 2015 Proficient City brought to bear. 

1. Darkstar Risen , A Demon-slaying Action MMORP

Darkstar Risen is our partner-developed in-house designed web-based 3D ARPG. Summoned by the demon king, the Darkstar looms above the world threatening annihilation. One city stands in the way of utter destruction, one warrior has the power to prevent the demon hordes from merciless slaughter. Forge deadly weapons and equip yourself in impenetrable armor - prepare yourself before the Darkstar consumes everything. 

2. Era of Empire, A Builders Simulation Game- Simulation Builders  SLG Web Game


Have you ever wanted to rule an empire? Era of Empire puts you in control of one of four great civilizations - Greece, Persia, Egypt or China - each with their own culture, units and technologies. Build up your city and expand your territory with the help of your friends and deadly strategy. Be certain to plan carefully, or your city will collapse until the weight of its own progress and you’ll be nothing but a forgotten dream.

3. Dino Tribe

Before there were cities there were tribes. Cross-platform technology lets you enter a prehistoric world where combat is law, and the natural magics have not been forgotten - through Facebook or on your mobile device. Advance through this untouched realm to save your tribe from the great evil that threatens you all. Summon long dead ancestors to fight by your side and strengthen your allies through rigorous combat. Or take the day off - head to the casino and test your luck, or swing down to the fishing hold for some good ‘ol fashion R&R - it’s not like they’ve created calendars yet. 

4. Zeus Age, A completely free-to-play game

Everybody wants to rule the gods. Zeus Age allows you to form a team from over 30 gods, monsters, and heroes from Greek, Egyptian, and Norse mythology. Battle your way to the heights of Olympus, or by the craggy seas of the Mediterranean. Strengthen your warriors with weapons and magic, then pit them against players from around the world. The gods are yours to command on Facebook or from your mobile phone.

5. Angry Karts


Racing has never been cuter. Soon you’ll be able to log into Facebook, or download the app to your mobile device, and zip your way through cities from around the world. Master the wheel then challenge your friends online or through Bluetooth multiplayer on dozens of tracks in dozens of cars. 

6. Portal Hunter


Lost in a strange world, you soon discover that only you have the power to stop the oncoming darkness in this novel combination of shooter and RPG. Summon dragons, master powerful skills, and destroy your enemies as you try to find your way home. Join the hunt in April of this year.

7. DDTank, The Hot Free Shooting Game


The Chinese version of DDTank is getting a special treat this March as we roll out our new Futbol Club Barcelona content. Players can buy the jerseys of their favorite football stars including Messi, Neymar, Xavi, Iniesta and more! We will also be launching new FCB themed weapons, necklaces, and EXP potions, as well as some special football levels. To celebrate this momentous partnership Proficient City made a special jersey, and took all the photos we could.

We had a great time at GDC this year, and were excited to show off the best of our best, as well as check out the competition and make a few connections. We’ll be back next year with all new excting games. We hope to see you there!





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