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Stallion Race Health Center
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l  General information

Your horses' health is too low?

Or would you like to increase the upper limit of your horses' power?

Then the health center is the place to be.

l  Interface

Once the health center becomes available, you will get a number of cures each day. This number will increase when you upgrade the center.


Every 10 levels you upgrade, a new option will become available.


l  Functions

1.  Basic cure

This option restores a small part of the health.

About 5-10 points.


2. Cure

This option will fully restore the health.


3.  Cooling

This option will freeze the horses stats, so they won't change, useful if you don't have any gold at the moment to train the horse. Doing this will cost 20 Credits.


4. Castrate

This option will increase the upper limit of the horses stats. Though after castrating, the horse can NOT breed any more.Can only be used on stallions!



This option will take 1 year off of the age of the horse. Very useful to make a stallion able to breed again, since after the age of 10, stallions can NOT breed any more. Doing this will cost 50 Credits


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