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Stallion Race Breed Center
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l  General information

In need of a better horse? Or do you want an addition to your horse family?

The breed center will provide!

l  Interface

Let me explain a few things first, before we start breeding.

As you can see, the first horse doesn't have stallion or mare, but it says Gelding. This means the horse is Castrated. Which means this horse can not breed any more.


If your horse is doing a commercial activity, on your horse, it will say: Show. This means that this horse currently can NOT breed or participate in racing.


The maximum age for a stallion to breed, is 10. After that, it can NOT breed any more. Though mares can always breed, no matter what their age.


You see 6 available spots on the left. You can have a maximum of 6 horses, but you will need to upgrade your Stable to be able to unlock more spots.


At the top right, you see the market. These horses are all NPC horses. And they're all stallions. The market refreshes every 30 minutes, or you can speed it up using vouchers or credits.


At the bottom right, you see items. These cards can be obtained by going on holidays and then reporting the horses in the museum. With these cards, you can upgrade the foals stats, their track adaptability, their growth-type or their race-type.

l  Start breeding

When you start breeding, there are a few things important to keep in mind.

1.         Always make sure that you have a mare. If you retire your one and only mare, you will not be able to breed any more, since the market only provides stallions.

2.         Both the mare and the stallion will have influence on the foals starting power. The higher the parents power, the higher your foal will be at birth.

3.         Stallions MUST be under the age of 10. The market will only provide up to the age of 10, but if you have a stallion of your own, you won't be able to use it any more.

4.         The horses power has absolutely NOTHING to do with the chance of getting a better color. The chance of getting a better color (purple or even gold) is only increased by using horses with good colors. Though this doesn't mean that if you breed with 2 gold horses, that you will get a gold horse. Only the chance of getting one, is increased! Breeding an incredible or legendary horse is all about luck! All you can do, is increase your luck a bit .

5.         Last thing, but definitely not the least important. You need to plan breeding. It takes 12 hours for a foal to be born. And while the mare is pregnant, she is unable to participate in anything. Unless you use a "breed card", which instantly finishes the process.


Alright lets have a look.

In this example I chose my legendary mare, and Kahal, the rare NPC stallion from the market.

You see with both horses that their strategy is Follow. This means that your foal will definitely be a Follow-type horse as well. Though you can change this with the use of horse cards obtained from the museum.


You see the slot 'Luck Card', there are 3 types of luck cards that can be used.


The Cherud Card, which increases the success rate of breeding by 20%.


The Angel Card, which increases the success rate of breeding by 50%.


The Archangel Card, which increases the success rate of breeding by 80%.


Then you also see the horse cards slots. Per breeding, you can use up to 3 different cards. BUT, they must be from a different group. So you can NOT use 2 cards for track adaptibility, or 2 for increase stats.


At the bottom you see 'Gold Cost'. The horses you use, the higher the cost of breeding will be.


'Club Boost'. If you are part of a Club, you and your fellow members can study breeding in the S&T section. As you can see, here the boost says 'x40%'. This doesn't mean it adds 40%. But it will add 40% of the basic success rate. So if the success rate is 50%, it will add 40% of that 50%, in this case that would be 20%. So the success rate without the use of a luck card here, would be 70%.


Note: The success rate in breeding also has absolutely nothing to do with the color or power. This is only the success rate for the actual breeding. If you fail to breed, you will lose all the cards used!


Upgrading the breeding center also increases the success rate!


If you want to know more, please pay attention to our Stallion Race Official Website:

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