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Stallion Race The Ladder
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General information

A competition between all the horses.

Does your horse have the power to make it up the ladder and end up in the highest competition with all the top horses?


To be able to participate in the ladder competition, you need to qualify first. You can do this whenever you want. The Qualify consists of 6 races. Which can be manually raced, between each race there will be a cool-down time. Once you ended up in the top 3, you will be able to apply for the first ladder match.


Before you are able to participate, you need to apply. This can be done every Saturday and Sunday. When the game resets on Sunday-Monday, and you have not applied yet, you need to wait another week, before you are able to apply again.


Once successfully applied, the ladder can begin. For the next 4 days, there will be 3 matches per day. At 04.00 AM, 12.00 PM and 08.00 PM game-time. These races can not be manually done, and there's no cool-down time. They will all be raced automatically, though after every race, you will be able to review the race.

There are a total of 12 races, and you need to end up in the top 3, to promote to the next grade.

If you end up 4th to 6th, you will stay in the current grade.

But if you end up in the last 2, you will degrade to the previous grade.

If you want to perform the best you can, after every race you can adjust your tactics.



Once the season is finished, you will receive a mail with your rewards.

On top of that, the holiday section will be unlocked, where you can earn great rewards and some special "breed cards". The higher you get in the ladder, the more holiday locations will be unlocked.


1. Diamond I

2. Diamond II

3. Diamond III

4. Platinum I

5. Platinum II

6. Platinum III

7. Gold I

8. Gold II

9. Gold III

10. Silver I

11. Silver II

12. Silver III

13. Bronze I

14. Bronze II

15. Bronze III

16. Qualifying

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