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2014 Facebook Video Case Study with Proficient City
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2014 Facebook Video Case Study with Proficient City
In 2013 Proficient City received Facebook’s Best Advertising and Staff Favorite awards for their outstanding advertising campaigns. This year the company has once again been granted these prestigious honors. Their exceptional performance prompted Facebook to visit the Proficient City head office to do a two-day video shoot documenting the highly beneficial partnership between these two companies. This video will act as a case study for future advertisers.
In the afternoon of August 4th the Facebook APAC Marketing Team brought their crew of cameramen to the head office and proceeded to conduct a comprehensive introduction of the shooting process to Proficient City staff. They determined the ideal locations for interviews and other shots, carried out a series of rehearsals and finally finished the day with a live preview. 
Discussing the day’s itinerary
The COO and Facebook Marketing Team in the middle of a discussion
On August 5th the Facebook Team officially began filming. 
The team began by interviewing Proficient City’s CEO Mr. Feng Lu. Feng Lu first gave a brief account of the company's history, and outlined the company’s business perspective. He finished the interview by sharing Proficient City’s plan to release several web-games including Sword Saga, Legend Knight, and an unnamed 3D Flash action RPG in the next six months. He also discussed the company’s plan to extend its mobile market with DDTank Mobile, and the long awaited X-Car which will be released first on iOS, and then later on Android. 
Interview with CEO Feng Lu
The Facebook Team then proceeded to interview the COO, Mr. Xitou Lee. Xitou Lee shared the company's marketing strategy, and some of their outstanding advertising achievements.
Interview with COO Xitou Lee
Next the Facebook Team and crew visited some of Proficient City’s offices and departments to get an idea of daily life at Proficient City.
Filming the Art Department
Group discussion
As the Facebook Team was shooting the video, the APAC Marketing Accounts Manager, Kong Chek Yong, discussed some of Proficient City’s outstanding advertisements with the Marketing Team, and gave each other some creative tips on advertisement design with Art department.
Exchanging ideas
The Facebook Team has completed what they labeled a fantastic shoot, and is carefully editing the video. The final version will be out soon, so we encourage you to pay close attention!
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